I want to provide you with the necessary information in the field of surgical and non-surgical cosmetic interventions and to obtain the best results to have satisfied patients.
I believe that it is important to pay due attention to each individual patient when it comes to medical intervention and to respond to his individual needs.
Breast implants (silicone)
Breasts are a defining feature of a woman's body that signifies femininity, sexuality and beauty. When the size and shape of the breasts do not match the rest of the body or are too small, it can have a profound impact on self-confidence.
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Lipoaspiration (Liposuction)
The purpose of each aesthetic procedure is to obtain a contoured, toned appearance, proportional to the body.
Liposuction aims to optimize the shape of certain parts of the body and to create a proportionate and aesthetic balance to your body.
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Lip augmentation by using hyaluronic acid
Full, hydrated lips with a youthful appearance will always be fashionable and will be the most admired, but the aging process leads to loss of volume and smooth, voluptuous appearance with a natural look.

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Treatment of wrinkles with botox
Botox injections are the most popular cosmetic treatments for smoothing wrinkles, eliminating excessive sweating, and raising eyebrows. The ideal treatment to get rid of the appearance of fatigue is by injecting botulinum toxin or "Botox".
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