Lipolytic mesotherapy (lipolysis) is a minimally invasive and painless technique, which dissolves fat deposits or lipomas (fatty tissue formations that develop under the skin). With the help of lipolysis, even small fat deposits that cannot be eliminated through sports or diet can be eliminated.


The therapy consists in the use of cocktails of substances that are injected with the help of very fine needles in the desired areas for melting fats.

Mesotherapy is also one of the most effective procedures against cellulite. The appearance of cellulite is greatly diminished, the fat deposits being “melted”.



Phospatidylcholine – this product acts strongly in combating the fat deposits.

L-cartidine  – decreases the fat accumulation.

Artichoke extract – has a detoxifying and draining effect.

Organic silicon  – helps to tone.

During the treatment you will have a slight burning sensation, produced by the injections, for this you can apply an anesthetic cream before starting the procedure.
Immediately after treatment, a light massage will be given to spread the substances in the fatty tissue and an anti-inflammatory cream will be applied on the injected area.



    • Localized fatty tissue in the form of multiple lipomas.
    • Fat located in the abdominal region, but also on the sides of the body.
    • Adipose tissue located in the chin / goiter area.
    • Thighs / inside and back.
    • Buttocks / hips / knee area.
    • Superficial cellulite located on the thighs and buttocks.

Lipolytic mesotherapy does not require recovery time. After treatment, redness and a burning sensation that does not last more than 12-24 hours may occur. It takes 4-8 sessions, performed at an interval of 1-2 weeks, to melt the fat located on the chin, arms or waist.
For other larger areas such as the thighs and abdomen, 8-12 lipolysis sessions may be required. The results begin to be visible at the 3rd meeting, and the effects persist. After injecting lipolysis, water consumption is important.


    • Body reshaping;
    • Improving microcirculation;
    • Stimulation of lymphatic drainage;
    • Increasing skin elasticity.