Full, hydrated lips with a youthful appearance will always be fashionable and will be the most admired, but the aging process leads to loss of volume and smooth, voluptuous appearance with a natural look.

Lip augmentation is a non-invasive procedure that can give you more femininity and sensuality, hydration dedicated to both women and men, being a strong point of attention.

Some people are born with voluminous and well-defined natural lips, while many people do not, and most of the time the volume of the lips decreases with age.

In order to maintain and increase the volume of the lips, the fillers with hyaluronic acid come to our aid, being the most common substances for filling and increasing the volume of the lips.



Hyaluronic acid is a substance that is found naturally in the human body. Thus, it helps to moisturize the skin and keep it looking young, bright and hydrated.

The lip augmentation procedure by injecting hyaluronic acid provides volume, contour, hydration and corrects asymmetries.

This treatment can be done gradually, in several sessions to obtain a natural look.

Side effects are almost non-existent, as the new formulations of hyaluronic acid are non-allergic. The reactions that may occur after the injection may be: swelling of the lips and redness, but they disappear quickly in the first hours.

The results obtained after the injection with hyaluronic acid have a long duration, but they will not remain permanent and the filling will be less expensive. In general, the final results will be observed 10 days after the injection, and the results are maintained between 6-12 months, even longer in the case of people who follow the protocol and who are not at the first injection.



The first step is to remove the make-up and disinfect the area, after which the anesthetic cream is locally applied or, if the patient wishes, preoralxillin can be injected in the gingival area (similar to the injection at the dentist).
After the anesthesia is performed, the doctor uses different and personalized techniques to obtain the ideal result. Dr. Pascal uses a mix of innovative methods and techniques to achieve ideal results, taking into account that each person is different.

What an ideal result means

The result consists of the wishes of the patient and the advice of the doctor in order to get a well-formed natural result.


  • Lip contouring;
  • Lip volumization;
  • Correction of an existing asymmetry;
  • Highlighting the “Cupid’s Arch”.

The duration of the procedure is between 10 – 20 minutes.
After cleansing the injected area the doctor applies a moisturizer on the lips.


Do not apply lipstick and lip gloss, just moisturizer (such as Vaseline)
If bruising occurs, your doctor may recommend Arnigel
In the evening after the injection it is recommended to sleep on your back
Do not bite or force your lips (not even when kissing) for the first 2 days
Do not drink or eat too hot
Do not eat salty
The lips will be more swollen for a day or two after the injection. After about 3 days the edema disappears and the desired result will be visible.
Maintaining the result depends on each patient, it is important to drink plenty of water to optimize the result and moisturize the lips.