• Dr. Pascal Dameh is a specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery, trainer and international speaker.
    Ambassador of the Romanian Medical Association of Anti-Aging Medicine, ambassador and scientific member of the Scientific Council ICC – Egypt (ICC – The Egyptian Society for Woman Health) and trainer in Romania, Dr. Pascal is present at national and international congresses improving his knowledge about the new techniques and innovative solutions in the field of cosmetic surgery that are constantly evolving.
    Surgical skills involve a special combination of basic knowledge, ethics, intellectual creativity, but also interpersonal skills. Following the experience gained, Dr. Pascal has his own personalized techniques which he presents at the conferences to which he is invited, but also their use for each patient, so that the results obtained are satisfactory. He is always attentive to details and involved in the relationship with the patient, so that he feels relaxed, comfortable and confident.


    After graduating from high school in Jordan, he decided to continue his medical studies in Romania, at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Carol Davila” in Bucharest, and his speciality was at the Emergency Plastic Surgery  Repair and Burn Clinical Hospital for, as well as and Bagdasar-Arseni Emergency Clinical Hospital.
    To complete his knowledge, he continued his training in surgery through courses in Turkey for rhinoplasty, tummy tuck, breast augmentation with breast implant, but also for fat, breast lift, facelift, otoplasty, brachioplasty, Brazilian butt lift, labioplasty. He also took invasive and non-invasive surgery courses in Egypt and Jordan, but also in Germany.
    Moved to Romania in 2005, Dr. Pascal has built an ambitious career by taking part in numerous trainings in Romania, Europe and the Arab Countries.
    During his years of training, Dr. Pascal gained extensive experience in plastic and cosmetic surgery, having as mentors some of the best doctors in this scientic field of activity.

    To ensure quality services to his patients and to provide them with the best experience, Dr. Pascal is constantly evolving through his participation in conferences on the latest innovations in aesthetic and plastic medicine. Given his involvement, Dr. Pascal is often invited to international conferences as a speaker to share his experience in the injection techniques but also in the surgery techniques.