Breasts, an attribute of femininity, are sometimes subject to abnormalities such as nipple invagination.

Invaginal nipples are those that, instead of standing out in front of the areola, tend to sink below its level. In addition to the aesthetic problem, there is also a problem of functionality which consists in the impossibility of breastfeeding. This condition is also present in men.

Dr. Pascal will perform the correction procedure with local anesthesia, being a minor operation, and the patient can resume his current activities without problems.


You will be asked:

·         Provide a complete medical history to your surgeon;

·         Discontinuation of treatment at the doctor’s indication;

·         Avoid aspirin treatment;

·         Quit smoking.

Operation Duration: 

30 minutes.


Generally, surgery is performed under local anesthesia with sedation.


After the operation, the recovery time is minimal, the area may have a small swelling and discomfort. To reduce the discomfort, Dr. Pascal will prescribe painkillers.

An elastic bandage (bustier) is used for 6 weeks.

The patient will follow the specific postoperative instructions.

Painkillers and antibiotics will be given.

Exercise for at least 3 weeks should be avoided.

The effects are permanent and the results are immediately visible.


Side effects and surgical risks

However, the following side effects are possible: infections or reactions to the anesthetic, minimal discomfort. Following a correction of the invaginated nipples, there is a possibility that women will not be able to breastfeed, so the subject should be discussed in advance with a surgeon.